Interested in hiring James or purchasing art? Due to high demand and privacy we are not publishing our phone number on the web Please email us for an appointment Headquarters- SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA Galleries in Santa Monica CA   Vero Beach FL     Avon Park FL  * James R. Hahn is the original muralist for     the Cabbage Patch Kids * Featured Artist - LE MANS & GRAND PRIX Races  * Featured Artist - CRYSTAL SYMPHONY      Galaxy Theater - Transatlantic Crossing 2016  * Featured Artist Boston World Trade Center     Front End of Innovation Events 2014  * Exhibited & commissioned by    Salvador Dali Museum - 3 years in a row         * 2013: Design Consultant to “How Do You Roll”    the company funded by Kevin O’Leary on Shark Tank Mailing: C/O Attorney at 5897 Western Hills Dr., Norcross GA 30071 Available for Speaking / Show Engagements See the GRAND OPENING party here ! NEW MURALS FOR 2017