Interested in hiring James or purchasing art? Due to high demand and privacy we are not publishing our phone number on the web Please email us for an appointment Galleries by appointment: Santa Monica CA     Vero Beach FL     Avon Park FL  * The original muralist for     the Cabbage Patch Kids * Featured Artist - LE MANS & GRAND PRIX Races  * Featured Artist - CRYSTAL SYMPHONY      Galaxy Theater - Transatlantic Crossing 2016  * Featured Artist Boston World Trade Center     Front End of Innovation Events 2014  * Exhibited & commissioned by    Salvador Dali Museum - 3 years in a row         * 2013: Design Consultant to “HDYR”  the company    funded by Kevin O’Leary on Shark Tank Mailing: C/O Attorney at 5897 Western Hills Dr., Norcross GA 30071 Available for Speaking / Show Engagements See the GRAND OPENING party here ! NEWEST PROJECTS NEW: Purchase James R Hahn prints and products from FINEARTAMERICA.COM here NEW: Chateau de Jalesnes TRANSFORMATION