Clients include: Crystal Cruise Line, Marriott, Trend-Group Italy, Chefs International, Patrón Spirits, UNFI, Radisson, the Home Show, Institute for International Research, Russian Standard Vodka, Taittinger Champagne, Perrier-Jouet, Hotel Bonadies - Amalfi Coast, The Tams, L.A. Sno,, BMG Central America, Martial Arts America, Tampa General, Palmeiras Beach Club at Grove Isle, Chateau de Vouzeron, Chateau de Jalesnes, Jon M Hall FL, Cruise Ship Interiors Expo - Elite, Chateau Fajac de la Salve, & many more
Murals & Live Painting Exhibitions
Original muralist for . . . . the Cabbage Patch Kids * Featured Artist: - LE MANS & GRAND PRIX Races - New World Symphony Center Miami Beach FL - CRYSTAL SYMPHONY Galaxy Theater - Transatlantic Crossing 2016 - Boston World Trade Center Front End of Innovation Events 2014 * Exhibited & commissioned 3 years in a row by Salvador Dali Museum * Design Consultant to Shark Tank sharks: Kevin O’Leary who funded “HDYR” John Paul DeJoria who funded ‘Tree Teepee’
James R Hahn was part of the five-artist team who developed the international hit DOLL phenomenon that has surpassed 10 billion dollars in retail sales
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James & K with Josh Gates
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