1) Almost all speed painters rehearse their paintings many times first (our works are first-time paintings with no preliminary practice or templates) 2) Speed Painter subject matter is usually an iconic personality/face people recognize 3) Rarely is the finished product original in nature - usually borrowed from photos 4) It is more entertainment than "art" 5) Rarely is an accompanying session of valuable instruction included 6) Most do not share a big screen projection of completed art & community projects 7) Almost all do not "theme" or adjust their show to match the hosts' branding or focus 8) Speed Painters use slinging paint, glitter, or other flashy ways to put medium on canvas ( our approach is Old-World brush-paint-canvas but presented in a new way and under   time constraints ) 9) We utilize the audience in a final countdown where the work is completed & signed at "Zero" on the time clock. DIFFERENCES BETWEEN JAMES R HAHN LIVE PAINTING EXHIBITIONS & OTHER “SPEED PAINTERS” james@jamesrhahn.com